Maher Foundation is creating a life-changing educational opportunities for young Mahers World wide. Maher Foundation Trustees strongly believe that through cooperation, knowledge sharing and experience we can help those who are less fortunate than us.

The Maher Foundation is a simple concept with far reaching goals. We believe education is the most effective tool to build the capacity and capability of any community;one educated person will be aspirational and bring hope to not only family members but also others within the wider community and society.

Giving an individual, who may have the determination, drive and capability, but not the means to achieve, or the opportunity of higher education is not a new idea. The North American Maher Community has already embarked upon such work and the Maher Foundation will build and work closely to further the project.

With this our overall aim is to promote education within the community.

Built upon the dream, with funds left by Miss Anita D Odedra who sadly passed away at the age of 27, and donations from our well wishers, the Trust pledges to support academically bright students of the Maher community across the World, who would not otherwise have the financial means to a higher education.

In order to ensure governance and transparency in the process the Maher Foundation is a Registered Charity in England and Wales under the Charities Act 1993; Charity Number 1125220

Students who are deemed to be eligible will have to first fulfill the criteria as laid out by the Trust.

Students wishing to go into science and engineering oriented courses will be supported.

Once at university level, students wishing to pursue courses in the following categories will be considered as viable applicants, as long as they are studying at reputable Universities.

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • DNA science and engineering
  • Forensic science
  • Mechanical and civil engineering
  • Information technology

The Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of business management, Indian space research Institute, Bhabha Atomic research,etc.

Those students doing a PhD. in any field will also be taken into consideration.

Due to the vast scope of applicants and limited finances, applications will be processed by the following criteria:

Successful applicants will be provided support in the guise of a financial grant. Once education is completed, we expect the grant to be paid back in affordable amounts within reasonable period. The return period should be less that 10 years upon graduation. Thus it is hoped this money will be available to continue supporting other up and coming students. For more details see the terms and conditions.


Please get involved and support the Foundation in any way you are able to… whether it is by spreading the word of good work it is doing: by campaigning: fund raising: donating: by involving your family or friends. Just by taking time to keep yourself informed on our progress is involvement in itself.

We will keep updating the public regularly via our website. You can be involved in helping us further this cause by sharing your views with us.

“Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency”

If you have any news stories or updates or wish to get involved please contact us at: