Financial grants are offered by  the Maher Foundation based on strict criteria set by the charity upholding its aim to achieve and promote high levels of education for the Maher Community

 Application form for financial grants

All students who wish to apply for a grant towards university education will need to fill in this form. Students who are already in or want to get admission in the preferred Universities and courses of our choice, will be eligible for grant applications.

The following is a list of some of the preferred top colleges:

1) All IIT institutes – Indian Institute of Technology
Example: IIT Mumbai, New Delhi, Banglore, Madras, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Guwahati

2) All NIT (RIC) – National Institute of Technology

3) All IIBM – Indian Institute of Business Management
Example: Ahmedabad IIBM

4) ISRI – Indian Space Research Institute

5) BARI – Bhabha Atomic Research Institute

6) AIS – All India Services ( IAS – Indian Adminstrative Services, IPS – Indian Police Services and IFS – India Forest Services)

7) Others – Khadakwasla Academy (Pune), Aeronautics (Pilots and Navigators)

Grants will also be available to those doing a PhD, MA, MCom, Medicine, VerterinaryScience, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, DNA Science and DNA Engineering, Forensic Science, Mech and Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Petro Chemical and Geology.

We have selected prestigious courses at well known universities. We are aware that only a few Maher students will be studying at these Institutions at present.

However our aim is to highlight these courses and well known universities hoping that future students will apply to them. Applications will only be responded after an acceptance letter from the university.

Selection of students

Any student will be eligible for the total amount of the university fee, once he/she has managed to get an admission letter from the universities and courses highlighted above.

For yearly maintenance, the applicants will be judged separately according to their individual circumstances.(Parental income will be taken into consideration).

The agreed amount will be released twice a year at the beginning of each term.  Once qualified, it is expected repayment will be made in agreed time frames and will not exceed a period of 10 years.

Students’ criteria

1) Financial grants will only be awarded upon gaining a place at the Universities specified above. This list may be updated depending on the decision of the board.

2) Admission to the university will be gained on merit terms only. No help will be available towards any donations made for gaining entrance on any course.

3) Before any grant money is released, a letter of admission and any other evidence as required will be essential.

4) To achieve better performances from the students for the donations received, a trustee regularly monitor performance of all students that receive MF grants, mentor and attempt to get best out of each student. Frequency of mentoring is increased if a student performs below par. So far, we have been successful to bring back on track most students performing below par. If a student fails and has to repeat a semester, his or her grant is withheld for the subsequent semester until that student clears the failed semester.

5) If the student fails any modules within the academic year and the University agrees to allow the student to continue to the higher year, the scholarship and support will continue once he/she passes the failed modules. In the event of this not happening the scholarship and support will be suspended and/or stopped.

Terms of scholarship

1) The student will be expected to supply a progress report ideally every term or at least once a year from the University he-she is at. Without the progress report the grant will be suspended.

2)  The student will be expected to achieve the grades needed for continuation of the course before the second year’s grant is released. Proof of achievement from the University will be essential .

3) From the second year and onwards en-devours will be made to deposit fees directly with the University.

4) Additional support (as appropriate) will be provided to help the student complete his/her courses.

5) The parents or guardians of the student will be expected to give a guarantee towards financial reimbursement if the student drops out of the course due to negligence. There will be a legal contract signed in front of a solicitor between the student,  his/her parent and the sponsors (us).

6) We will expect the student to go and serve in his own village in his/her chosen profession during holidays.

Terms & Conditions

Rules relating to student grants for further education

1) Only Maher boys and girls are eligible for any financial support from the above trust.

2) The trustees and their representatives have the authority to accept or reject any application without any recourse.

3) This financial grant is available to students going for higher education for degree courses in universities.

4) Students going for further studies in I.I.T, I.I.B.M, atomic research, DNA field, medical, pharmacy, engineering and I.T. (computers) will have first preference.

5) A maximum of Rupees 50,000/00 (fifty thousand rupees) will be available to any one student in one academic year.

6) Once an application is accepted, we will give total tuition fees for a government college. Any other expenses(i.e boarding / lodging etc) will be at the discretion of the trustees or their representatives. However the total of the fees and annual expenses will not exceed Rupees 50,000 (fifty thousand rupees) in one year.

7) Students applying to government colleges will have first preference. Applicants in private colleges will be accepted on the provision that they will only get 5000 rupees (five thousand ) towards their annual fees. The students will be expected to cover the rest from their own resources.

8) Successful applicants will have to provide proof of fees paid annually with the submission of an original receipt to the trustees or their representatives. Failure to produce evidence that the fees has been paid will result in the rejection of  the grant application.

9) Applications should be submitted  by 30th June. All necessary supporting documents must be submitted by 30th July. No applications will be accepted after the closing date.

10) Successful students will get their allocated grants by a direct bank transfer in their account. The student’s account can be in joint name with their parent/s. However accounts in any other names will not be accepted.

11) The allocated grant will be released in two equal installments and the released sum will be debited in the students name from that date.

12) This will continue from the first installment to the time when he/she completes their education.

13) All students who get grants from the trust are expected to repay the full amount as early as possible once they complete their education.

14) Fresh applications have to be submitted every year by all students. All applications will be scrutinized in line with academic results. If the trustees feel the progress of a student is poor or in case of a failure in any year, the grant will be stopped. Such students will have to reapply next year with better marks and they will  then be reconsidered.

15) Trustees can change the rules at their discretion based upon their experiences. Any changes will be publicized and from any date stated will apply to all applicants.

16) Once an application has been accepted, the student and his/her parents will be expected to sign an agreement. This agreement will be done on a official govt. stamped paper as required by law at that time.

17) All rules or regulations regarding the financial grants will legally bind the students and their parents/guardians.

18) The trust promises to use repaid grants in future community welfare activities. Accounts of these will be readily available and audited.

DownloadApplication form for loan towards university courses from Maher Foundation