The Maher Foundation touches lives of all Mahers, be it directly or indirectly. If you are not directly affected you probably will know someone who is benefiting from this cause.

One educated Maher will be an inspiration to his family, relatives and indeed the village. It is a “win win” situation and your donation is vital for the future development of the Foundation and in provision of education to our younger generation. With your commitment, we can continue to offer higher education opportunities to students with lack of financial facilities.

You can donate in many different ways, be it on a regular basis or as a one off payment. Here are some examples.

  • Old Jewellery
  • De-cluttering your house
  • Collecting loose change and foreign coins
  • Payroll giving
  • Giving money in someone’s memory
  • Banking with us
  • Leaving a legacy

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Old jewellery

We all have old jewellery which we never intend to use. Donating your old jewellery will be well worth its memories.

De-cluttering your house

Clear old but expensive items which are lying in your attics and garages by holding car booth sales or even by selling on eBay. You will be able to create lots of extra space by getting rid of unwanted items and the money raised will go to a great cause.

Collect loose change and foreign coins

We can provide you with a loose change collection box which can be kept in your business place or even your own home. Over a period, you will be surprised with the amount of loose change collected, that will go towards making a difference to someone’s life.

Direct Debit

One of the most common methods of donating is by setting up a standing order with your bank instructing them on the amount you wish to donate on a regular basis. Small amounts does not affect your budget greatly and at the same time the total sum over a long period can be a big boost for the charity. This method can easily be adopted by the younger generation who have just started working and so cannot donate one large amount. It’s an ideal way of involving them into the community. The whole family can get involved by setting their own standing orders.

Payroll giving

This is an easy way where you donate regularly to charities from your gross pay. Very simply, the donation is deducted from your gross wages before the tax is taken and the remaining salary is taxed. Payroll donation is not only beneficial to us but also to you. You end up paying less tax overall and you can donate more for less. It is easy and stress free. You just have to fill one form and the rest is done by your employer.

One off donation

You can donate a one off amount covering one or more students and so have no more regular hassle of managing the donations over a period.

Giving money in someone’s memory

Loosing someone we love is the hardest experience of our life. We look to find ways of upholding that person’s memories and celebrating their life in a meaningful way.

We would be grateful to receive donations made in memory of one’s name and in doing so we are willing to come and discuss with the family personal wishes so that this person is always remembered in the way the family want them to be.

Banking with us

You can deposit a sum of your choice in our bank with a promissory note from us saying we will return the same amount back given a reasonable time notice. We will be able to earn tax free interest from your cash and still be able to return the basic amount whenever you want it back.

Leave a legacy

Death is an inevitable part of our life. All of us should make a will to avoid any future misunderstandings. Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to continue your support for the advancement of your community.

Any donation made in a will reduces the inheritance tax as well as capital gains tax for your next of kin. You have to mention the beneficiary in you will and do no more.

As you can see there are so many ways of getting involved with us in this worthy cause. The best part is the idea of re-circulation of the cash you donate so that others can continuously benefit.

If you are interested in making a donation either using one of the methods above or through any other means,please contact us at:

Your participation makes the the difference

Download Gift Aid form for Maher Foundation