Email from Arjun Vikram Khunti
Date 29th April 2017

Hello sir,

            How are you? I am fine here. I inform you that my external exams will start on 8 may. I clear my 2 mid-sem with good marks and now I try more hard work to get good marks. Some subject maybe hard for me, but I try to get good marks in those subject. My exam time-table is given below.
           The second good things is I joined Bachhapan NGO who help the poor student by teaching without any cost or reasonable price. I am volunteer of that NGO. It is very helpful to improve education in students and specially for those who are next generation of India. You can find this NGO details in Facebook and Instagram  also.
Yours truly


Email from Karan N. Keshwala

Date 26/09/2016

Hello Sir

Hope you are fine and healthy. I am doing well in my internship. As exams are approaching i couldn’t engaged with you recently. I am sorry for that. There is only 2 months left fr the exams and preparation is going well. Currently i m focusing mainly on the mcq and paper solving.
As Maher Foundation concerned it helped me a lot through out my MBBS.
It helped me financially and more importantly because of that i met new people who inspired me and helped me.
As a doctor my socialisation skill improved. I met new colleagues and senior doctors. Because of ur inspiration i have been involved in various charity group like “I for U” and “Organ donation”.

As diwali vacation concerned i won’t be free because of internship and exams. I haven’t visited porbandar since last 4 months and i won’t be able to visit fr next 2-3 months. Sorry for that.


Email from Bharat Dasa

2nd Nov 2016

Dear uncle,
Today, I meet trustees of MF and after meeting I feeling very good when they  told they are not my sir they are my friend (uncle).
And also I want to become mentor and  guides my junior brothers and sister. I guide the students of 11,12th science of my village and students who are  in my contact .
Hearty thank you uncle.
                       Yours faithfully
                         Bharat Dasa


Email from Malde Bhutiya

6th Sept 2016

Hello uncle,

That email found me well. And it is good to hear that you all are fine. (At least you are..!) Me also doing just good.
I am so much happy by just thought of meeting you all again. It was a very pleasurable and knowledgeable experience last time. And I am very sure that this time also it will be the same or more but nothing less.

Now about the time of meeting, I would like to point out that my preliminary exam will mostly start from 17th October so I think I will be free of that around 25th October. (Actually I don’t have confirmed time table yet, as soon as I will have it, I will inform you again.) And my university exams are from 12th December so around Diwali time will not be a problem for me.

About studies, there wasn’t any exam in this year. The first exam of this year will be direct prelims. But i have participated in some quizzes in our annual college function and unfortunately I wasn’t able to win those. I had also participated in two inter college football competition and we were runner up in both. And recently I had participated in state level psychiatry quiz at GMERS Gandhinagar, Civil Hospital. And I have finished second and I am also promoted for zone level quiz in Vadodara which will be around 15th October.

Yours faithfully,


Hello sir,

Thank you for give me correction in my mail. I will give my proper attention in those mistakes and also read English news papers and novels and will listen English radio channels.

Thank you,
Your’s faithfully
Darpan M

31st Aug 2015

Hi Jaimal,
25th Aug 2015
Thank you for sending me the information. I am glad that the foundation does precisely right thing without making huge publicity. Helping students to build their carrier especially when they need in their early stage of life is noble cause indeed.Please keep it up. I congratulate the students and your team for doing such marvelous and wonderful job. Thank you againBalu Odedra, DVM, M.V.Sc.
Burlington, ON Canada

 Malde Bhutiya
8th Sept 2014

Respected sir,

Thank you very much for releasing the first term grant of this year. It means a lot in my career. It will be a great aid in development of my life which I can not forget throughout my life.

Chetna Modhvadiya

16th June 2014

Hello Uncle
How are you?
I just want to let you know that my study has been completed. Final Exams were conducted.
I am so thankful to you that it would have been  impossible without Maher Foundation support.
Thank you so much.

Mayuri Bapodra

9th March 2014

Hello uncle,
How are you? Hope you are fine.
Uncle, the results of final year MBBS have been declared. I have passed with xx.x%. I am thankful to Maher Foundation for continuously motivating me and helping me financially.



6th Feb 2014  

Dear Jayubhai,
Thank you very much for your e-mail. Hope every thing is fine with you.

All students do not need financial help as many of them are from well to do or financially capable families. Some students are brilliant but financially weak, they need financial help, and for that Maher Foundation is doing excellent job. You are doing a very good social activity for our young generation, thanks to all of you for that.

Hardas Sutreja (Bachubhai)


                                                                                                                                                      22nd Jan 2014

Hello Jaimal uncle,

Hope you are fine. I am good here.
Sir, now I am in the last semester of BE ( computer engineering ). I am studying well. After BE, I will go for a job. I am always thankful to MAHER FOUNDATION for giving me the opportunity for study.  Thank u very much sir.

Happy Winter.

Yours sincerely,
Anjana Ratadiya.


9 Oct 2013

Hello Jaimalbhai,

I’m doing fine. Navratri is going great.

I’m still in Ahmedabad. My MD entrance exam will be in January. I’m preparing for it.

That’s a great group. Students from our caste are taking studies more & more seriously now a days. You & the Trust are doing such a noble job in helping students like us. Thank you very much for that, Jaimalbhai.

Jignesh Modhvadia


16 March 2013

Hello sir,

If i want to say anything about trust is that there is no cast in my knowledge that provides facilities like Maher Foundation.

Modhwadia Kishor


From: keshwala arun
Date: 27 March 2013 14:15
Subject: thanks to maher foundation
To: Maher Foundation <>

Dear sir,

      Wish you a very happy Holi and happy Dhuleti-The day of color. I would like to say that my internship has been started on 23th march 2013 and will be completed in 22th march 2014. There will be four phase during internship in different department for three month. Now days i am practicing in medicine department for three month.
  Words for trust::
         I heartily thank Maher Foundation.  Maher Foundation played major role in my life. It gave me support not only economically but also emotionally and mentally by continuously motivating me and supported me by mail or any other way. It gave me a ladder to achieve my goal when i didn’t have even a rope to climb. I am thankful to jaymal bhai odedara & all other persons who associated with this noble foundation.

thanks, thanks, thanks from depth of my heart.
-Dr.Arun. R. Keshvala

4 Apr 2013
 hello sir…….

Ram Ram….my study is going well and after few month i will start my job in Shipping company at Mumbai.

and thank you so much sir for giving me full support for my study and encourage me to do some new things in my life from this platform i will start my new inning and for that inning is surely because of you.

My dream is after few years i will surely become like you and i will also become member of MAHER FOUNDATION and  its my pleasure that i will become like you and support my brothers and sisters.

finally thank you.

yours faithfully,

Arjun Modhavadiya


4th April 2013

Hello uncle,
i am fine… and hope same for you at your place..  First of all my heartiest wishes to you and your family for holi.

I am highly obliged to the trust for giving scholarship and loan to students like me so that we can also study conveniently and with our moral boosted.. Heartiest thanks to Maher Foundation..
Thanking u!

Yours faithfully



12th March 2013

Hello Jaimal Uncle,

I am fine here and preparing for my internal exams.
My views regarding MF trust are:

MF is noble foundation which gives financial help to the student for obtaining higher education. Not only financial but it also motivates, guides the student for thier better future. I am very thankful to Maher Foundation for helping me for my engineering studies. And I would never forget the contribution of MF in laying foundation of my career.  It is a great work of MF trust and I really
appreciate this work.

Yours sincerely,
Anjana Ratadiya

22nd april 2011

Hello Jaimal uncle,

I am Anjana Ratadiya, who is benefiting by scholarships from Maher Foundation. I would like to tell you that I  have received the second half part of the loan for 2010-2011. It will be helpful to my engineering study. I am very thankful to you for this loan.

I hope that your noble work to help the students  like me become progressive. I promise that i will be helpful to you in future.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

Anjana Ratadiya


hiiiii, jaymal uncle

this is bhavesh odedara who benifited by MF educational loan,
i really thankful for that, by this mail i would like to say that, our
3rd sem result is declared,and i got 7.34 spi with distinction
now i m in semester 4th, my 4th sem is going well, actually i don’t have an account in any social networking side, therfor i used my friend account , to sending this mail

yours faithfully

Bhavesh Odedara.

From: Joanne Li <xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 9 October 2010 00:41
Subject: Maher Foundation: Anita Odedra

This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Joanne Li <xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have just come across your website today.  Anita Odedra was my very best friend at University and the following years before her untimely death.  I think that this is a beautiful cause that very much expresses what a wonderful person she was.  I wish you all the best and hope that this great cause will bring joy to many students for many years to come.

By email: 5th July 2010

Respected Sir,

I am one of the students who benefited from your scholarship and now am being assisted with loans for my studies of my degree course. With your kindly financial help, i will carry on my degree course without any suffocation.

Maher Foundation plays such an important role of my carrier. I will put all my energy to build up my carrier as a mechanical engineer so that i will take sponsorship for our foundation trusts.

I am so thankful to you and all members of this trust.

Odedra Bhavesh Narmad


By email

Kajalben Hajabhai Kuchhadiya


21. 12. 2009

Maher Foundation Trustee

Dear Sir,

My family and personally I am very much thankful for the loan sanctioned by your esteemed foundation prosecuting my studies in Dental (Medicines).

We pray almighty that your esteemed foundation may carry on the progress in future and may continue to help students like me.

(Kajal Kuchhadiya)

by email

6th Dec 2009

Respected sir,

I am Nilesh Lilabhai Odedra from Porbandar. Currently I am in Btech 2nd year
in computer science in Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat.

I have received the third installment of loan I had applied with you. I am grateful
for the help you are providing for education of students like me from our Samaj.

thanking you,

Nilesh Odedra